Welcome to the Goshen Public Library's Telnet (Text Only) Catalog

Search the Telnet Catalog

     Please note: The telnet catalog requires the use of a telnet application (VT100 emulation) configured to work with your web browser. If you are unsure about whether or not you have a telnet application configured to work with your browser, try connecting to the "Search the Telnet Catalog" link above. If you get an error message rather than a login: prompt, chances are that you do NOT have such an application configured and will need to install one before proceeding, or use our web catalog.
     If you do receive a login: prompt, type library (in all lower case) and press enter. Please note, this is NEW: At the Password prompt, type library (again, in all lower case). You should now be at the opening screen of the catalog. Press enter to begin searching.
     If you'd like to see what you have checked out, review holds you've placed, or renew items, select option 11, Review Patron Record, from the main menu. Patrons wanting to use these features will first need to select a PIN number by stopping at the GPL circulation desk in person with their library card.
     When you are done searching the catalog, please remember to return to the main menu and type in 12 (and press enter) to log off the catalog. Thanks!

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